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I've been pretty productive lately!

I have gotten this sudden burst of energy recently and I've been doing so much stuff!

600 FANZ!!!!!

I mean its cool and all but I really don't think deserve it imo

There are so many cool artists out there that deserve WAAAY more support than I should ever get so be sure to go support tons of small creators to help them feel more confident in their work cause I see so many cool artists every time I go on this awesome site!

Thanks to all of you guys for helping me get so far within such a short amount of time on this platform! ^-^


Here I will be talking about the games that I have released or are in the works!

Toaster Simulator

So one day @MrRope and I were sitting next to each other at school during writing seminar and he gave me an idea for a dumb lil game, he mentioned that I should make a realistic toaster game where you have to wait for a slice of bread to toast for a certain amount of time. I thought that this was a hilarious idea and I brought it up to @uraomote and next thing you know all of the assets were drawn, the game was programmed and our dumb idea came to life!

Go check out Toaster Simulator here if you haven't already!

2 more simulator games are on the way!

I can't say what they are yet as they are a surprise but I can give you a little hint! These games are breakfast related so stay tuned to see what comes next!

Money Man (This game is hell bgbfgiewrhgjk)

I have been working on Money Man here and there although I'd like to take a little break as it's been quite annoying to deal with. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like then check out this YouTube video!


A dress-up game???

Yeah, you heard me, and were making one!

I have been working with some very talented folk to make this game including: @zebragamer880, @Halve, and @vurbank.

This game will be released soon so be sure to stick around if you are interested!

Ant Collector

Just a stupid lil spam game @uraomote and I decided to make together and it has changed me completely, as some of you might've already noticed, I am now an actual ant! (I will get into this topic next.)

Play the game here if u wanna take a look:

New look!

Hey guys, looks like all of your dumb ant puns payed off! I am now an actual ant lmao, for those who may not know my nickname (Ant) came from my actual name (Anthony). Many people think I just came up with it but I've had people call me that for years! After we made the game Ant Collector I've since ditched the pale dude and I painfully morphed into a dumb little insect.

Here is some awesome art of this little shit!

@uraomote made this cool art so u should check 'em out!


@suicitem made this cool little dude chillin on his DSi lololol

@geebz.screams also made this silly dude lol


How have you been, Ant?

I've been alright, though school has been tough. I am trying my best to make it through the year without going insane and its working, school ends in just a couple days and I can't wait for summer vacation! I plan on making TONS of new things this summer so please stay tuned to see some awesome games coming in the future and maybe even some animations too!

Thx for reading! :D


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