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8BitAnt's News

Posted by 8BitAnt - 6 days ago

Hello everyone.

I am sure you have read my last news post. I have been on a break for the past couple weeks but I think that it's time I retire. Due to lack of motivation to continue what I do on here and other various reasons, I have decided that I am quitting Newgrounds along with my other social media accounts besides Discord. (Add me if u wanna chat: Ant#1060) I am honestly not liking any of the submissions I make here anyways and think they are all stupid. Now that I have had my break I have thought over some stuff and came to the conclusion that I don't like programming as much as I thought I did... I have also realized that during my break I have felt so much better and a lot less stressed and sad. I have had a couple moments during my break but now that I have breathed a bit and moved on from those times I think that my mental state may improve. I do not know what I am going to do now since I have been bored out of my mind but at least I still have my friends, family and my lovely girlfriend to spend time with. I think that I'll find something to do later on in the future. If I ever post anything here it's most likely projects I am just finishing up or collaborations that I was or am a part of. I honestly don't like my popularity either, it scares me and makes me nervous... Social media in this day and age is just not a healthy place for me to be. I appreciate all you guys have done throughout my journey here on Newgrounds but it's now time I leave. Like I said though I'll be active on Discord so hmu on there if you have any questions or just wanna chat, I am completely open to that. (Again its Ant#1060) I hope you guys are doing better than I am rn and also that you have a good rest of your day.

Goodbye everyone, I love you all. <3

- Ant


I might be back later on in the future, just with school and stuff social media tends to stress me out… thanks for all the very kind messages everyone, you guys truly are the best!



Posted by 8BitAnt - 12 days ago

I’m just not feeling too good about NG right now, hell I don’t even wanna be on any other social media sites right now. If you wanna speak to me then join my discord or friend me, my tag is Ant#1060. I’m just done man I can’t do this shit rn. My motivation is at an all time low and I’m not feeling too good either. So bye for a while until I randomly return or whatever.



Posted by 8BitAnt - 3 weeks ago

November 2021 Update!

Hello, everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great day, cause I sure am!

Recently a LOT of big things have been happening! :D

So imma just go ahead and dive right into this shit.

News n' shiet

King of the Portal

Sup motha fucka! It's me Ant, King of thy Portal.


So uh that's interesting lolz-

Never would've thought that I'd be KOTP at all on here.


(Thanks for the awesome fan art @PestFrigginDiez!!!)


I am now a new member of the Clock Crew, go check out my clock alt (@AntClock) if you'd like!

I have been wanting to be a part of the crew for a long while and I am really happy that I am finally apart of it, expect to see submissions from me when I get a little better at drawing basic shapes lol


(Thanks again @PestFrigginDiez :D)

1.3k+ Fans what!?

I don't have much to say other than thank you, this is an incredible number and I cannot thank you guys enough! I love every single one of you guys for helping me get to where I am as a dumb lil creator, very very much appreciated! ^-^



Ah yes, Madness Day... One of my favorite days on NG tbh!

I was so happy that I was actually able to voice in a Madness Combat animation because I have always loved this series and really wanted to somehow be involved with something of the sort.

Give this a look cause I did a line in it, and I think that this is legit super cool!

Slime Time!!!

Here is a rlly cute little Fortnite toon that @fellowesart allowed me to VA in along with a couple other cool peeps!

Dr. Good's Operating Theatre 2021

Here is a REALLY cool collab that I had a great time participating in!

Hell I even went as far as to use this ol' hunk o' funk to make my part lmao


You should Definitely go check it out!

Full Collab:

My Part:

Are You Afraid Of Das Dark?

Here is the first ever Clock Crew collab I have participated in!

I loved the concept of this one, Tellin scary stories with ur friends around a campfire on a Halloween night.

I need to try this sometime it seems pretty fun tbh

You can hear my voice in @Ushnor which was pretty dang funny lol

Hell the whole thing is funny just go check it out dammit!

Xcorpz Direct - October 2021 Showcase

I was a part of this sick Direct made by @XcorpzTheAlien, and I featured my game "Hexagons: Out of Grasp" in it in which I'll get into very soon! :]

Check it out here:


Halloween Art Collab [2021]

This was rlly fun for me to make!

So basically @0DearKruno cancelled this art collab but I decided to go out of my way to revive it and bring it back to life!

Full Collab:

My Shitty Drawing:

Yosh Eat Bean 2

Eat bean, bean eat.


Doobus Killing Simulator

Hi @Doobus-Goobus, hope you liked dying 5 times! (kinda)

Btw @Tyro1301 you did a fantastic job on those animations!

Hexagons: Out of Grasp

"Hexagons: Out of Grasp", is a 2D shooter where you need to find keys to open gates and advance into the next level. You will have a handful of different enemies to fight while finding the keys. Nothing can be too hard when you have your reliable plastic wrap cannon though! With your cannon, and possibly a few allies down the road, you are sure to make it through the levels and escape the hexagon mothership!

Also fun fact: This was made for a school project, I hope you enjoy(ed) it!

[Thx to @t0mToM for a lot of help on da gaem!!!]

Awesome fan art!!!!


The past couple months have been really fun but it guess what, there is wayyyyyy more dumb shit from me and my friends to come so please stick around and be sure to stay tuned.

Thanks again for everything guys, it means a lot!

Have a good rest of your day :D



Posted by 8BitAnt - October 7th, 2021

@8BitAnt: Um excuse me so- ... I have a question- Why do you always- like- ... talk about hexagons? Like-

@t0mToM: hExAgOnS falls over

@8BitAnt: Can you tell me why you do that please?

@t0mToM: Ok-

@8BitAnt: I'd like to know...


It was in the si- It was in 1642!

I was on the malaflower!


We were riding around right down by Bermuda... BERMUDA!

Do you wanna know-

There was this weird-

You know the round end of a spoon where it like scoops?

Imagine that cut off a spoon alright...?

..and another one but flipped upside down, connected together, with lights coming out the SIDE!

...and a hexagon on front and an octagon on bottom.

@8BitAnt: Ok...

@t0mToM: Alright?

@8BitAnt: Yup...

@t0MToM: There was also "666" on the top of it...

@8BitAnt: mhm...




...and it sucked me up!

@8BitAnt: Is that it?

@t0mToM: No not quite...

@8BitAnt: Ok...

@t0MToM: Also when I was in there I saw... tHe BoBbLe HeXaGoN

@8BitAnt: Uh- Ok..!



Posted by 8BitAnt - October 1st, 2021

So yenerstay I gotten the idear when I picked up

maken noew game

lemem take pincker


me bark he parkers

Onke the came (nock fickished):


segond ca fa game (nock finkishe):



Leggy now ut like

have knife far day fuys


Posted by 8BitAnt - September 28th, 2021

I just don’t give a shit!

aka imma post fuckin anything I want now without worrying about them bitches

if anyone hate me they can get an education and become a good person god fuckin dammit

get up off yo corn wielding asses and stir that soup cause ants about to take the delicious fart candies

go to your nearest McDonald’s and take the employees phone

text the number 911 saying “I need you to give me your finest goddamn house arrest, ok?”

Let’s get to this guys cmon!

if you don’t

yous a piece of cantaloupe



Posted by 8BitAnt - September 26th, 2021

Hello guys.

This is a kinda serious vent post so don’t read it if you don’t wanna hear me ramble about stuff that’s been bothering me.

As you all know I love posting dumb submissions here on Newgrounds, but sometimes I have the paranoid feeling of a lot of people disliking me for making stuff that’s admittedly kinda cringe sometimes. I mean sure it may seem like it but I am not a little kid doing dumb bullshit on the internet, I am a stupid guy trying to live his life and share his odd humor with his friends here on NG.

For those who dislike me for who I am or what I create:

(Check out the bold text in the section “Long Story Short” if you do legitimately dislike me.)

I am sorry if some of the stuff I make is not your thing sometimes. The reason I make a lot of weird submissions is simply because I may find it funny, or more commonly I am talking to a good friend of mine and we start joking which leads to me making something really stupid. One example being “In loving memory of shrek…” which is just an obnoxious game where you control shrek going through a maze whilst constantly changing sizes which is really annoying. I occasionally make things that others find to be really dumb, pointless, and shitty. But most of my submissions (if not all) are nothing but jokes that no one except for me and my friends get. But I constantly get the feeling that people hate my guts and it makes me feel terrible. This is one of the reasons I’ve slowed down ever since Money Man, and even I don’t think that game is good. But trust me, eventually in the future once I’m out of what I call the “Learning Phase” in which I am currently in I will try my best to make much more enjoyable and fun games and/or animations that everyone will like, just give me some time to learn how to do things, but in the meantime I will be making these really dumb submissions until I can finally make something really cool, just be patient!

To those who support my work and love what I make:

Please, please tell me if you like the content I create or not cause I feel down about it sometimes and I am beginning to consider quitting or just changing everything about me completely. But if you do like what I make, I really can’t appreciate it enough, but I have one thing I’d like to mention, I don’t like the following I have on this site. I feel as if there are so much more talented people other than me that deserve what I have. I just don’t think I deserve the amount of support I get for my low quality work. Whilst yes it’s kinda my style I just think that it’s really dumb… I do appreciate all 1k of you but I wish that you’d support some other talented creators that can do what I do except better. Thing is, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way either cause I love all of you and I hope that you stick around for my future creations. So hopefully you all understand why I feel this way.

Long story short:

I feel misunderstood and like people hate me for being myself sometimes and I feel like I might wanna quit. Although the stuff I make is dumb it’s just me practicing to get better, slowly but surely I plan on making really cool content for everyone to enjoy. But in the meantime I’ll continue to make what I make and do what I do for now and do what I enjoy along with collaborating with friends to make some neat stuff. I encourage those who do dislike me to reach out to me on here or on Discord about it, I won’t get mad I’d just like to see your perspective. And to my friends and fans, I love all of you guys and I hope that you have a great day/night, take care! <3 <3 <3

(Since I am tired and this may be all over the place, feel free to contact me if I said something odd or if you are confused about something.)



Posted by 8BitAnt - September 17th, 2021

I have a discord server

(for some reason not much people know that so I figured I’d make a post)

Join it to see my new stuff right when I post it, and you can just hangout or something too



Posted by 8BitAnt - August 23rd, 2021

1,000 Fans!!!

Y'all are crazy asf, thank you so much for helping me get as far as I did, I am kinda speechless as this is quite a huge milestone for me. Whilst yes it may be a big number it's not about the number itself, its about what the number represents, all of you being there to encourge and support what I like to do and I cannot appriciate it enough!

I am not going to be changing the way I do things around here and I will continue to post my dumb bullshit whether you like it or not for as long as I live. I remember joining Newgrounds on this account back in 2020 with just 0 fans but ever since then I've had an amazing time with the community we have here, and NG has in a way changed my life for the better. Newgrounds is my favorite site to make and post all my projects to browse and interact with the great community. The collabs here are super fun and even if I am not apart of one, very fun to watch! Overall I have had a great time here and I thank all of you for it! :3 <3<3<3



Posted by 8BitAnt - August 19th, 2021

I’m back! :D

Hi guys it’s me, 8BitAnt!

Also, yes my name will be changed back at one point or another, and I’m back after @VURBANK took over for a bit and it feels real nice to breathe in that fresh Newgrounds air again.

Also thanks to everyone who supported our new game “VURBANK ONLINE.”, go check it out if you haven’t already!

Cant wait to make some more dumb shit, be sure to expect some Wario Pill related things! >:D