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To those who may dislike me.

Posted by 8BitAnt - 1 month ago

Hello guys.

This is a kinda serious vent post so don’t read it if you don’t wanna hear me ramble about stuff that’s been bothering me.

As you all know I love posting dumb submissions here on Newgrounds, but sometimes I have the paranoid feeling of a lot of people disliking me for making stuff that’s admittedly kinda cringe sometimes. I mean sure it may seem like it but I am not a little kid doing dumb bullshit on the internet, I am a stupid guy trying to live his life and share his odd humor with his friends here on NG.

For those who dislike me for who I am or what I create:

(Check out the bold text in the section “Long Story Short” if you do legitimately dislike me.)

I am sorry if some of the stuff I make is not your thing sometimes. The reason I make a lot of weird submissions is simply because I may find it funny, or more commonly I am talking to a good friend of mine and we start joking which leads to me making something really stupid. One example being “In loving memory of shrek…” which is just an obnoxious game where you control shrek going through a maze whilst constantly changing sizes which is really annoying. I occasionally make things that others find to be really dumb, pointless, and shitty. But most of my submissions (if not all) are nothing but jokes that no one except for me and my friends get. But I constantly get the feeling that people hate my guts and it makes me feel terrible. This is one of the reasons I’ve slowed down ever since Money Man, and even I don’t think that game is good. But trust me, eventually in the future once I’m out of what I call the “Learning Phase” in which I am currently in I will try my best to make much more enjoyable and fun games and/or animations that everyone will like, just give me some time to learn how to do things, but in the meantime I will be making these really dumb submissions until I can finally make something really cool, just be patient!

To those who support my work and love what I make:

Please, please tell me if you like the content I create or not cause I feel down about it sometimes and I am beginning to consider quitting or just changing everything about me completely. But if you do like what I make, I really can’t appreciate it enough, but I have one thing I’d like to mention, I don’t like the following I have on this site. I feel as if there are so much more talented people other than me that deserve what I have. I just don’t think I deserve the amount of support I get for my low quality work. Whilst yes it’s kinda my style I just think that it’s really dumb… I do appreciate all 1k of you but I wish that you’d support some other talented creators that can do what I do except better. Thing is, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way either cause I love all of you and I hope that you stick around for my future creations. So hopefully you all understand why I feel this way.

Long story short:

I feel misunderstood and like people hate me for being myself sometimes and I feel like I might wanna quit. Although the stuff I make is dumb it’s just me practicing to get better, slowly but surely I plan on making really cool content for everyone to enjoy. But in the meantime I’ll continue to make what I make and do what I do for now and do what I enjoy along with collaborating with friends to make some neat stuff. I encourage those who do dislike me to reach out to me on here or on Discord about it, I won’t get mad I’d just like to see your perspective. And to my friends and fans, I love all of you guys and I hope that you have a great day/night, take care! <3 <3 <3

(Since I am tired and this may be all over the place, feel free to contact me if I said something odd or if you are confused about something.)



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dude my poop

Hey vurb

I get it, making stupid shit can actually improve your stuff in the long run. I do that too


for what it's worth, i follow you because i find your stuff sometimes entertaining. especially peter peecha plays amogus, which i randomly share on several discord servers every month or so just to keep people on their toes. as for the games, i'd be very interested to see what would happen if you mixed your sense of humor with some more humane game design. like wario pill with smaller levels, functioning collision and a level select.

Of course I like your content Ant!
I like whatever you make and I'll support you.

In moments that this happens, always remember that you do it for your personality or your fun, your content is interesting without a doubt I support you with what you do or upload.
And more proud that you grow fast on the page because it means that more people support you.
And remember that I saw you in a drawing by Alex haha
Have a great day friend, keep your head up and don't look at what many say



I really love your content, it makes me so happy. It's becoming rare to see someone not making the "regular high quality content" you can see everywhere but making something actually funny and memey. You're really an inspiration to me.

I can relate for the feeling of being hated everywhere. I actually feel the same. I got a lot of hate and even death threats on Discord for being myself and drawing "not serious things". Right now I'm getting less attacked since I cut contact with people who harassed me, but I still feel like people around me are lying when they say they like who I am and my art.

I'm trying to ignore this feeling and to remember that the reason why I started drawing is because it makes me happy. I never really cared about what people feel about my non-serious stuff before. It started to matter more to me when the liars ( people who used me for free art ) said that I have a talent and that my art is amazing. ( but I'm starting to not care about it anymore since I know those people just wanted to use me and right now I'm feeling.. ignored )

This feeling sucks, it really blocks creativity. I wish I could find something to help but all I can do is sharing my experience with that thing and telling that you're not alone.
Please, do not become a normie and do what "they" want you to make, make the things that make you happy and that make you want to improve more. This is what your true fans really want. You're one of my favourite content creators on Newgrounds. I hope you will feel better soon. Stay strong. ^^

I like shitposts.

You make shitposts.

@VURB @8BitAnt your fans loves you too

I have a saying for this:
,,It's only cringe if someone you know will bring it up in a long time and laugh at you."
Most things you (reader, not 8bitant) are embarrased to do or think would be cringe will probably show you in a good light a few years from now, as they demonstrate you are willing to do what you want regardless of if it's considered cringe.
Now, this doesn't build a reputation as a respectable, orderly person, I'll be open about that. And if you want to seem as flawless as possible, don't risk it. But most things you may do now will either make you seem like a madlad if you bring them up and not so terrible that they would ruin your reputation.

Essentially, you risk cringe now for madlad status later.

I only followed somewhat recently and haven't really played many of your games but from what I have played, I think it's great what you're doing right now. Whether it be a game made from an inside joke or a game with genuine effort, both are really fun. As long as you enjoy making games, you're good.

When you REALLY express yourself here’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna turn some people on and you’re gonna turn some people off.

When you make content you shine a light onto potentially countless unsuspecting people. There are people who are drawn to the light that you created. Those are your fans. The people who don't like it or get mad at it aren't your fans. You weren't trying to appeal to them anyway. You just wanted to make stuff that you like and share it with other people who might like it. You’ll never get everyone to like what you make. That’s just not human nature. But, the fans you receive follow you because they like the way that you express yourself. So keep doing that.

But being yourself is hard. Some people want you to be like them, some people don't understand why you are the way that you are and some people might even resent the way that you are. When those people start to stack up in your life you start to think that maybe you’re wrong and they’re right. They're typically wrong though.

Keep making what you feel drawn to make and take the steps necessary to create it.

@8BitAnt Hey there bro

imagine hating the person who helped make Peter Peecha exist

Man, i undestood what you were trying to make here, but it is fair for you to clarifty all of this. In the end, like you said, you arfe learning about all of this, and for this i wish you good luck on your endeavoirs