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700 Fans, and more!!! :D

Posted by 8BitAnt - June 19th, 2021

700 Fanz!!! :D

You guys are actual legends, just 3 weeks ago I hit 600 and now I am already here!

I really appropriate the love and support I've been getting from all of you!

I say this a lot but I sometimes feel as if I don't deserve all of y'all but here we are!

Thanks for this amazing gift @Fr00tL00pz, this is so cute!!!

Also thanks for the awesome new pfp too along with this great ref sheet!!!


Been makin games (and makin bacon) for all you gamers!!

Among Us Fart Simulator

@JOEYTHEMARILLFAN and I made this beautiful masterpiece of a game, go check it out!

Egg Simulator

@suicitem and I hatched an eggcelent idea and decided to make a sequel to the beloved "Toaster Simulator"!!! (Go check them out too cause @suicitem makes some fantastic art!)

Bacon Simulator

@Fr00tL00pz and I were thinkin about makin some bacon, so check this one out, and be sure to support @Fr00tL00pz and her amazing art!! (It has also won the highest award in the series by far, so thanks for 2nd everyone!!! >w<)


I haven't made much but at least its something!

FilmBudds: Morons Of The Dead

This episode was a blast to work on with the @Filmbudds team, so please go check it out for yourself!

(So far my favorite animation in the series!)

carge makes an outstanding return!

carge is back babyyyyy


go check out to see why the bananu fell out of the tree


Yes I am and if you got a problem you get stfu and leave, have a nice day! :D

Why r u a furry broski?

Idk I just felt like it and I think animals are cool so I am now an actual ant, les fuggin goooo!!!

Got some amazing fart recently...

All of these amazing folk decided to make some awesome fanart for me!!! :3

Geez you made a LOT of really amazing art @Fr00tL00pz!!! :D

@JOEYTHEMARILLFAN thx for this epic one too! ^-^


About @Fr00tL00pz and I...

Yeah as some of you may know @Fr00tL00pz and I are dating and have been for quite a while, but I have an issue I just want to clarify in case you guys are confused in any way. So basically I am obviously a furry, I'm pan, and I have an online relationship. There is no problem with that other than the fact that all of my IRL friends would probably bully me to hell and back and most likely pick on me and talk abt me behind me back. I love Alex very much and I'd really love to show my love and appreciation by making stuff on here with her although, due to my IRL friends getting into Newgrounds recently I haven't done much stuff like that because I know I'd get harassed and shit by them. I am sure that a lot of you guys could relate with my situation. You may ask "Why do you consider them friends if they'd do this?", well that's because they are the only people I have to chat with at school and they are good people other than that and I just know that they make fun of certain people and groups that relate to stuff I like and am that I'd be made fun of for too. I don't hate them but I am just scared that word would spread about me and the stuff they currently are unaware of and not only would I get bullied but my parents could also possibly find out and would probably not accept me for who I am as a person. I believe my IRL friends don't really read these posts so hopefully nothing bad comes out of this. If you are one of my IRL friends and are currently reading this, please DM on discord and please try to be nice about my recent changes cause that's all I ask for, thanks... I just love Alex very much and she has done so much to make me happy all the time and I try to do the best for her as well, I love you so much @Fr00tL00pz!!! If you guys have any more questions please let me know.

Thanks everyone for everything, I love you all!!! <3 <3 <3



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I love you too babe! <3
I know things can be rough but hang in there hon, I love you <3<3

Love you too babe!!! >w< <3


Congratulations Ant! Only 300 more to go :3!!! Also cool sona!

Thank you dude, I appreciate that! :3


I was at about 600 or something, I'll be 700 soon, maybe if I grow myself up til you

Ye I believe in you dude!

We met when you had about 400 other fans. The number of your fans is growing fast, because you are a very kind and pleasant person! (or an ant)

Thanks, you too dude!

Congratulations,you deserve all those fans, you're very cool

you are the goat (greatest of all time) and am very glad you are at 700 fans. your games are whimsical and very enticing. i mean with such enticing titles like "among us fart simulator" and "supa peecha peter" how could one play, and NOT follow. anyway your games are more fun than like half the games on this website and thats quite a high bar considering theres like...... more than 80 000 games. anyway keep up the great work, im excited to see what your cooking up next :D

Sincerely, Harry Truman

Lmao, thank you so much dude!
I am very glad to see that people like my stuff ^-^

hope you do a great job in the future.
(and Wario needs to improve his jokes.)