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What's been going through my head?

Posted by 8BitAnt - 11 days ago

A lot of people are probably thinking/asking this question about me, so I am here to answer it!


I make spam because I find it to be very fun to make, and I hope to get a good laugh out of people. This site has probably been one of my most favorites sites. There are so many people to meet, so many things to do, and a lot of friends I've made over the past year. Back to spam, I think that I met a lot of my friends through it because of the pure fact that we can get a good laugh out of my strange humor. Sometimes I think I get way too much support from them and I cannot thank you guys enough for that. It really just went from 0 to 100 on here and I could not appreciate that enough. (Especially my recent support over on YouTube!)

Mental State

At this point in time, my mental state is not doing so well because I have a lot of personal issues with school. Let's just say ADHD does not go well when mixed with eye problems and my OCD. I cannot focus during school because I easily obsess over one thing and I feel like I HAVE to do it (in which I don't have to) and I end up missing the work I am supposed to do. I am then stuck with work piling up and a deadline for all the late work. I usually have to spend Thursday - Saturday of every week finishing all of it, although I am trying to change that. But mentally I am not doing well and I am trying my best to bring it up to my parents so I can get proper help. (Especially with my occasional depression.)

Future Goals

I have multiple things planned for the future including what I mentioned earlier. I am trying my best to stay on top of my work and hope to improve with that soon. Other than school I plan on working on these things:

  1. Peter Work at Freddy Movie Finale: The Corruption
  2. Super Peter Peecha (the full game)
  3. Getting better at animation, and drawing in general

That is pretty much it, I hope to carry out these goals in the upcoming future. Drawing is something I have wanted to get better at for years and I hope that I can have the proper patience to animate when and if I can.

My Conclusion

I hope that 2021 brings good things for me personally. I know this will probably be the "2nd worst year ever" but I still want to think positive because this year has been a lot better than 2021. I'd go ahead and shout-out some cool people but I cannot due to the number of people I have met and have helped me throughout my time here on NG. So all I can say is thanks to everyone, and I hope this year brings good things to you too!

Have a great day!

-Ant :D



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I am welcome to Spam the Portal either but with some Arts and games

You rock!!

You too!

Dude. Ngl, there is really only one reason im your friend. And That Reason is YOU. You're Always such a good guy and i cannot thank you enough for letting me be your pal. stay strong bud, your friends and fans love ya.

Wow, thanks a lot my guy! You too!

I love spam. KEEP MAKING IT!

ight bet

yeye. btw i realized we both have dark brown hair. DAMNIT

lol, what about that?

Ok Seriously tho man, i genuinely meant what i said.

well to you aswell

idk pfft


A great day to you too Ant! This spam interest makes me wonder, hmm, with an epiphany that crashes in like a thunder, hmm... if maybe the Clock Crew would be just perfect for you? ;) I hear they're open to applicants again! And maybe prepping for some grand big event sometime in the future...

Hope you figure out ways to cope with your OCD and all too. I don't have ADHD, as far as I know, but the getting-stuck-on-something-and-totally-forsaking-everything-else-because-of-it sounds p relatable! Usually work my way through the weekends too but not with work just: everything else I want to do that I don't when I'm supposed to. Anyway I'm sure you'll master the art eventually; learn how to handle whatever psychological quirks come charging at you! You can do it!

Have a great day and hopefully a great year too and looking forward to a tonna spam!

I was thinking about talking to the Clock Crew about that, just maybe... I have joined their server on discord though. Also, my OCD and ADHD are the worst things I've ever had to cope with, and it's even harder when I'm not at school because when I am at home I usually get distracted way too easily by other various things. I'll be sure to spam a lot to satisfy the spam fans on the sometimes empty portal. If I'd have a couple of recommendations for you, I'd say take a look at Patty Rickerson Eternal: Kill the Homework (Remastered) and I also have a bunch of spam animations I make using 3DMM. I occasionally use Flash CS3 for a series called WahProperty that @realAxel, and I started. Anyways, thank you for the kind words, and have a nice day! (again lol)

Nice. :) They seem like a fun group to be with, not to mention potential mentors to raise spam mastery and frequency to nigh unsurpassable levels, just look at what they've accomplished!!! Yeah, it probably gets even worse if you're in lockdown mode and have to really focus on studies from home. :) Harder to focus on one thing if your in a place of so many others. But I do believe that in the long run you can really master better habits; find some tricks to focus when you have to.

Thanks for the recommends, shall check 'em out in a bit!

No problem, and thanks for the advice! Just remember to have your volume ready to be lowered! (I am currently uploading the not as loud version.)

Good to know! XD Shall keep it on the verge of muteation!

Yeah lol
Sometimes I can make some loud stuff...
I am trying my best to fix said Games/Movies so I don't burst people's eardrums.


i should probably thank you for the scout so here it is

Yeah, no problem! I scout people I find talented. B)